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While you are reading this, Mother Nature is waging war on your home’s exterior, especially here in the Columbia, SC area.

The sun’s UV rays bombard paint pigments to the point that brilliant colors and stains become bleached over time, looking dull and lackluster. Moist air from the coast is another enemy. Higher moisture content means that mold can grow faster and wood can rot, not to mention that moisture also bleaches paint and stains. The wind is the knockout punch in this scenario. Salty air is a natural part of living near the ocean and can cause exterior paint to chip, peel, and fade. If your home is close to the sea, the wind can carry sand that will form a sandpaper-like coating over your exterior.

At Palmetto Paint Plus, we understand these problems Mother Nature hurls at your home as well as how to combat this onslaught.

Exterior Painting Prep Work In Columbia, SC

Like all things we do at Palmetto Paint Plus, prepping a paint job is a stepping stone to success, longevity, and a beautiful paint finish. Cleaning your home’s exterior is the start to delivering a fantastic-looking paint job that is not only beautiful but will protect your home’s exterior. Depending upon your proximity to the ocean, we may need to pressure wash your home to eliminate sand, grit, and grime.

Next, we go the extra mile to scrape loose or bubbling paint to ensure your new paint will adhere properly. We prime any raw and exposed wood we discover with top-tier products. If we find mold, we destroy it with environmentally safe chemicals. Should we come across rotten wood, we test to see if we can repair the area by removing the rot and patching. If we cannot fix the area due to the size or the damage, we bring the matter to your attention to have new lumber installed.

If you do not have a handyman or carpenter to call, we can assist with that, too. Lastly, we seal gaps and cracks with caulk while removing weathered and aged caulk. We want to be your local painting company in Columbia, SC.

Paint: Only the Best Will Do

If you are stuck deciding what color to use on your home, we can assist with color suggestions as well as matching any existing hues you would like to duplicate. We will also guide you through the various sheen selections available and the advantages of each.

We only recommend paint that will champion your home’s fight against the elements while at the same time giving it that jaw-dropping new-home look. When reviewing quotes on paint, be sure you are comparing apples to apples. Some paints are less expensive because they are ranked lower when it comes to longevity, fading, and peeling.

We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality, highly rated paint on the market. Like the adage says: you get what you pay for.

We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality, highly rated paint on the market

We may also suggest applying a protective sealant over your new paint to protect your home from the effect of sand and saltwater and give longevity to your paint. A protective coating is not a cure-all for battling the effects of living near the ocean, but it will help prolong the need to repaint your home and keep it looking beautiful.

Make sure to view our exterior painting work throughout the Columbia area. We take pride at being listed as one of the top exterior painting companies in Columbia, SC!

Our Passion Drives Us

Our passion at Palmetto Paint Plus is to beautify your Columbia home with new paint and give it lasting protection from Mother Nature. Painting the exterior of your home is not something we rush or expedite by cutting corners.

As you can imagine, our dedication to such excellence takes time. Because of this, we will communicate with you exactly what you can expect regarding timeframe, arrival time, and completion. And remember, you’re the boss! You dictate what part of the home you would prefer us to start at, and we will do our best to accommodate.

Should a last-minute conflict come up, give us a call. We will do everything possible to work out a schedule that works for everyone.

We take great pride in being from Columbia, which is why we treat your home as if it was ours. We are mindful of your landscaping as we navigate our ladders around your home, so we don’t destroy flowers, bushes, or gardens.

We take great pride in being from Columbia

Should we encounter a bush or tree that brushes up against your home, we will first try to tie it back, so it is out of our way. If this isn’t possible, we will alert you to resolve the issue by having your landscaper trim it. And although we are not landscapers, if you want us to prune a branch, we will gladly do that for you.

We always pick up after ourselves, so you won’t have to worry about finding cigarette butts or trash littering your beautiful yard.

As paint professionals, we use only the best brushes and roller naps on the market. These tools help us expedite our work and make sure the paint penetrates any deep grooves or crevices.

To sum it up, we are your ally in protecting your home from the elements. Like all the other painting services we offer, we are only satisfied when you are.