Painting Services In Columbia SC

Painting Services In Columbia, SC and the Midlands of South Carolina

Our services are affordable and done right, with workmanship you can trust! Upon request, we will provide a quote on the spot. This allows for your work to begin much more quickly. As a painting company, we put communication at the forefront of everything we do. We work closely with our clients before, during, and after projects to provide you the best possible experience.

Interior painting

Opening your home to paint contractors can be stressful. Horror stories abound of crews spilling paint or accidentally breaking family heirlooms. At Palmetto Paint Plus, we strive to earn your trust by treating your home with respect, which goes hand in hand with our philosophy about painting: to strive for excellence every time. We use the highest quality paint to transform your home from the ordinary into the extraordinary. Sticklers for detail, our job isn’t done until you’re delighted. Call us for an appointment and let us prove that painting your home can be a pleasure.

we treat your home with respect

Exterior Painting

Painting the exterior of your home is easy, right? A little prep, some paint, and voila! Total transformation! Although some contractors may use this simplistic model, we do not. Before opening a can of paint, we make sure every surface is ready for painting. We caulk any gaps, fill nail holes, and if we find rotten wood or other questionable substrates, we alert you to the problem. In some instances, pressure washing may be in order, or we use biodegradable cleaning products. Once this crucial phase is complete, we begin to paint. We want the absolute best for your home, so we only recommend paints that offer superior protection from the elements. In the end, your home will have a curb appeal that’s not only stunning but will last for years to come.

A little prep, some paint, and voila!

Commercial Painting

Let’s talk business. When you’re in the market for a paint professional to tackle your commercial property, you need a reliable, fast contractor who honors their contract. Palmetto Paint Plus is such a company. Like you, we know that time is money, so we do everything possible to work with your schedule, honor your timeframe, and meet your deadline. When it comes to painting, don’t assume we rush the job in a “slop and drop” manner. We are detail-oriented painters whose sole purpose is to revitalize your commercial property with a fresh coat of paint.

we know that time is money

Office Painting

It’s the topic every office manager dreads: repainting. How do you schedule painting around work hours? What if they don’t finish in time? What about the paint smell, not to mention security issues? Valid concerns, for sure, which is why we address these issues head-on when we meet with you. Like you, we want the painting of your office to be as seamless a process as possible. Because we are a small company, you don’t have to worry about a different crew showing up from day to day or who to approach with a question. In short, when you hire us, you’re the boss: we arrive when you allow, hit your deadline, and give the old office a great, new look. Regarding that lingering paint smell, did you know some paints are non-VOC? Give us a call to find out more.

we want the painting of your office to be as seamless a process as possible

Deck Staining & Painting

When it comes to your home, nothing looks better than a freshly stained or painted deck. And if you’re the homeowner, nothing sounds more exhausting or intimidating than tackling such a project. Relax. The answer is letting Palmetto Paint Plus do the job for you. Every deck is unique, and with it comes many variables we will need to discuss with you. For instance, if it’s brand new, we need to allow the wood time to season. If preexisting, there may be loose boards, or rotten rails, or peeling paint to discuss. In either case, we pressure wash your deck to thoroughly clean and eliminate any mold. We will walk you through the various products available to find one that offers the best UV protection and makes your deck stunning to behold.

nothing looks better than a freshly stained or painted deck

Fence Staining & Painting

No one likes painting a fence. Even Tom Sawyer tricked some friends into doing the work so he could play! If you can relate, then we’re the company you can call to get the job done. At Palmetto Paint Plus, we believe that prepping is key to the success of the job. We address loose planks or questionable areas instead of slopping paint or stain on to hide the issues. We pressure wash your fence to clean and remove any mold and, in some cases, use a biodegradable product to revive the wood its original look. We use only top-tier paints and stains so your fence can stand up to harsh winters and blazing summers. It’s the commitment to details like these that set our work above our competitors.

we believe that prepping is key to the success of the job

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

We agree with you: whoever invented popcorn ceiling should be incarcerated. Okay, perhaps a bit harsh, but you get it. Popcorn ceiling can’t be cleaned or touched or painted, so over time, it looks terrible. The only solution is to remove it. Yes, it’s a messy job, but we make sure the floors and furniture are covered and double-check with you to make sure you’re satisfied as well.

Once we scrape off the popcorn ceiling, we repair any drywall nicks or blemishes before priming and applying ceiling paint. Bottom line, the only popcorn in your home should be the kind you snack with your family.

Popcorn ceiling can’t be cleaned or touched or painted, so over time, it looks terrible
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